Writing style of the author

The writing style of Larkin contain is very symbolic or most of the cases is simple and straightforward. His own and unique style makes he establish a place in contemporary literature .His poems were often wry self –critical and understated part sigh ,part affirmation as one critic stated .He write in a poetic form when focuses his attention in regular conversation and family experience . The write technique that Larkin use in this works is in tone .This kind of technique reflects the writer’s attitude, and the reader follows the mood of the author. In June 1943 his three poems were published in Oxford Poetry. His work in poetry was the source of his international fame, it displays honesty and truth.

About the author:

Philip Larkin born in Coventry England, he was the only child of Sydney and Eva Larkin. In 1943 he graduated from Oxford.

“Generally considered to be one of the finest post-war British poets, he refused the poet laureateship after the death of Sir John Betjeman in 1984, perhaps being only too aware of his own failing health. His earliest published work was in The Coventrian, the King Henry VIII School magazine of which he was joint editor during his final academic year at the school. His early poetry shows the unmistakable influence of Yeats and was collected in the north ship (1945). His two early novels went relatively unnoticed, but the publication of The less deceived in 1955 by the Marvell Press, a small but enterprising publisher, brought Larkin to the forefront of modern English poetry. Two further volumes of poetry, The Whitsun weddings (1964) and High windows (1974) confirmed his standing.”(Literary heritage, 2001)

Literary work

The most recognizing work of Philip Larkin

A girl in winter (1947). Novel

Jill (1 946). Novel

The less deceived (1955). Poetry

The north ship (1945)

The Oxford book of Twentieth Century English verse, compiled by Philip Larkin (1973)

Required writing; Miscellaneous pieces 1955-1982 (1983). Essays

Selected letters of Philip Larkin 1940-1985 (1992)

The Whitsun weddings (1964). Poetry